Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Hero Of Beers In South Eastern Nigeria

Hero Beer
Hero beer from the brewery house –SABMiller has in so short a time warmed its way into the taste buds of beer drinkers in South Eastern Nigeria.

The success of the beer which was launched into the Nigerian market in August 2012 has got Nigerian Breweries Plc, brewers of Star, Harp and Heineken beers worried as Hero appears to have edged out Star and Harp brands as market leader in the South Eastern states of Nigeria.

Nigeria Leads Africa in Global Search Engine Appeal (Trade & Investments Category)

Central Business District, Lagos
A new global ranking which measures the “search engine” appeal of countries in the fields of Tourism and Investment has placed Nigeria as number 1. The research conducted by Spain based Bloom Consulting shows that 560,000 searches were made in the Trade and Investment category in 2013. The most popular online searches about Nigeria in this category were about the “corruption level”, the “oil and gas industry” and the “growing economy”.