Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Nigeria Unveils 'Good People Great Nation' Rebranding Campaign

By Uche Nworah

Nigeria has unveiled a new logo and slogan for its national rebranding campaign which the Information and Communications Minister, Prof. (Mrs.) Dora Akunyili says signals the march towards national re-birth. The slogan selected was Good People, Great Nation while the logo is simply the word – Nigeria but creatively interpreted.

At the unveiling ceremony on Tuesday, March 17th 2009 at the International Conference Centre - Abuja, several prominent Nigerians and members of the civil society, organized labour, private sector and students took turns in expressing their hope for a better Nigeria and their desire for a corrupt-free Nigeria and one that guarantees individual rights and liberties.
Nigerian President, Umar Yar’Adua was represented at the occasion by the Vice President Dr. Jonathan Goodluck and he urged Nigerians to support the campaign through value re-orientation pointing out that nation rebranding should not be seen as just a one-event affair. He decried the situation where the activities of a few Nigerians have come to taint the world’s perception of Nigerians and Nigeria.

General Yakubu Gowon, ex-Head of State and Chairman of the Occasion praised the Pete Edochie led- National Rebranding Committee for their choice of logo and slogan selected from thousands of entries sent in by Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Information, Senator Ayogu Eze who represented Senate President Senator David Mark at the occasion said that the National Assembly will support the Ministry of Information and Communications in the re-branding project asking that all Nigerians should be carried along in the process.

His House of Representatives counterpart, Honourable Dino Malaye represented the Speaker Dimeji Bankole and he delivered a well received speech that had the whole house applauding him every step. In a firebrand but frank tone, he advised that Re-branding should start from the top, from the President and then cascading down to the Vice President and top Public officials who have a moral duty to uphold the rule of law at all times. He spoke on the need for genuine electoral reforms and care for citizen’s welfare. In a lighter mood, he advised that those entrusted with the re-branding campaign should not use the opportunity to rebrand their pockets promising that the National Assembly will be watching on behalf of Nigerians. Prof. (Mrs.) Akunyili had earlier in her speech promised that her ministry will publish twice yearly a statement of account of the re-branding project.

With this, it is hoped that Nigerians will begin to reject the negative labels and adjectives used to describe and qualify both country and citizens by the western media and even by Nigerians themselves, and strive to do good, to think of nation first and stand proud and tall amongst other citizens of the world. As the slogan suggests, Nigeria is a great nation of good people.


Jerry said...

It's really great for us to rebrand this good nation-Nigeria.I love the effort the minister of information is making.Thank you Mr. President,thank you Mrs Minister.I LOVE NIGERIA.4rm Jerry Aniobi

fritfly said...

sounds like jerry is part of the PR team, are you the one who had their phone stolen at the event?!

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely waste of time. What is the definition of a brand? It is certainly not just a logo or a slogan - the same mistakes made by most of the banks etc.

The important thing is how you feel about Nigeria - only government policies can change that.

Make nigeria a great place to be born, live, work and die and they will deserve the thick marks in the logo.

Without that all you have is a logo and some word!

Krisz said...

I would be very very happy if Nigeria would become a peacful and secure country again (1970-75). I spent my childhood there and since than I am longing to go back and look around (Lagos), search for memories, but no one dares to guide me there because of the surcumstances!! Krisz (Hungary)

Anonymous said...

a country that does not protect it's citizens, a country were foreigners come in and work without being monitored, even when we have nigerians with the same foreign certificates roaming the streets especially in the oil sector wiht nigerians supporting them to make us live as slaves in our country is a big shame.
Almost all the diving companies in the niger delta especially Hydrodive would always 20 foreign divers on a job with only two nationals, they pay nigerians working with them that has same certificates with the foreigners peanuts the difference is about
300% of what nationals are paid.
why would the D.P.R. under NNPC allow such things to continue, enriching other countries with nigerias money where as we remain in abject poverty with all our qualification at home.

since the govt is not doing anything in this area would any one blame people like us if we start carrying guns?

BAMIDELE said...

hello!!! people of this great nation,i really thank God for making me to be one of the people of this advice for the leaders of this great nation is that,they should remember that youth are the tomorrow of this great nation.please mr president alot of youth are idle having no job in this nation.
if truly we are great we must cater for unemployment in this nation.i love nigeria.continue to rule your world!

afason said...

Afamefuna: The rebranding campaign is a welcome developemnt. But I must make it clear that the Stomach of an avrage/ordinary man (Nigerian) need to be rebanded first. We cannot reband on empty stomach. it is not matter of giving out T.Shirt and face Caps. it cannot slove the problem. War Against Indicipline and Corruption failed us, Operation feed the Nation failed us, we are still battling with NAPEP and so many of them. Well the effort of the Information Minister is quit impressive. I pray that we shall succucced with rebranding and make Nigeria a better place. Nigeria Good people Great Nation.