Friday, 6 September 2013

So Much Clutter In Outdoor Advertising In Ghana

Billboards along Golden Tullip Hotel junction, Kumasi
Ghana’s outdoor advertising landscape does not portray a good image of out-of-home advertising in Africa. At almost every roundabout and on major highways and roads, billboards of different sizes compete with each other for the few spaces available. The end result is clutter thus calling into question what values these billboards are delivering to the brands since the opportunity to see (OTS) is greatly reduced.

When billboards compete intensively for target audience eyeballs, the opportunity to see greatly reduces and money paid for billboard rentals becomes wasted.

With major players like DDP, We Create Ghana, Global Outdoor Sytems and Invent Media dominating the Ghana outdoor advertising industry, it is really getting to the point where all the stakeholders have to get together to seek better ways out of the current mess. The standard 100 meters distances between billboards are not observed as can be seen in these pictures.

Billboards clutter at a roundabout in Kumasi 
There does not appear to be a central outdoor regulator such as the Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) to sort out the mess. Lagos had similar outdoor advertising challenges in the past but LASAA has been able to clean things up. Other states in Nigeria such as Oyo state have since set up similar agencies (OYSAA).

It will be interesting to find out how brands in Ghana cope with the clutter of outdoor advertising billboards in Ghana.

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