Friday, 23 August 2013

Nigeria launches tourism brand identity - "Fascinating Nigeria"

Nigeria has launched a new tourism brand identity  'Fascinating Nigeria' to replace the 'Good People Great Nation' rebranding campaign.Unlike the 2 previous attempts (Heart of Africa and Good People Great Nation campaigns) aimed at nation repositioning and rebranding. The new effort is being managed by the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) thus giving a strong indication of the focus of the new effort - tourism. The newly appointed NTDC Director General, Mrs Sally Mbanefo has a strong private sector (banking) background and this many believe will be a huge advantage for the new image campaign. The previous attempts were managed by the federal ministry of information.

Communication experts have however questioned the logic behind an element in the new logo design. In the logo, images of the sun layered on a yellow background is used to depict Nigeria's year round good weather and also the warmth of her people. The image of the drill monkey on green background represents Nigeria's fertile land and wild life. The last image is that of drums representing Nigeria's rich culture. ABD Funsho, a design and branding expert asks, "From all the wildlife in Nigeria, why select a monkey as part of the image in a national branding and repositioning logo"?

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